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The terms “criminal interference” and “subversion” are quite complicated terms already. What do they mean? How can I make my employees resilient against these unwanted forms of crime? How do we become resilient to intimidation and extortion?

We offer various trainings, scans, audits and knowledge sessions to get started right afterward in your company. This is to prevent undermining as much as possible. These sessions and trainings are aimed at different groups within the organizations. Customized workshops are also a possibility.

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See below for our offerings.

For more information, send an email with your question and contact information to us. We would love to hear your need or what knowledge or training question you have.


Specific knowledge sessions

Together with a specialist, we look at your specific questions as a business and entrepreneur. Think harassment, money laundering or corruption.

Checks with trained dogs

One effective means of detecting cases is the use of tracking dogs. This method provides immediate visibility and often deters criminals.

Course on subversion

What signs do you get and see within your company of criminal interference? How can you interpret this and then what actions do you take?

Learning from an ex – criminal

Who better to articulate how a criminal thinks and works? And why the floriculture sector is also attractive to abuse. In this session, an ex-con tells his story.

Report a suspicious situation immediately!

You can report a suspicious situation by calling the following numbers:

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