Together, we keep the colourful floriculture industry strong and safe.

The floriculture industry is vulnerable to criminal interference because of its intricate international logistics. The Resilient Floriculture Sector Approach aims to protect the beauty of the sector and address its vulnerabilities. The focus is prevention; prevention is better than cure. This by helping entrepreneurs become resilient, providing them with knowledge to quickly recognize signs of crime, report wrongdoing and take preventive measures.

Fine-grained logistics abused by criminals

The Netherlands is internationally known for its finely woven logistics and structured ornamental horticulture sector. Organized crime uses the horticulture sector for illegal activities. For example, narcotics, weapons and cash are increasingly being transported between batches of flowers and plants. Once those “products” are in the truck, they go unnoticed all over Europe. In doing so, they dup nurseries, trading companies and transporters. At the same time, individual employees become victims of these practices, think scams, intimidation and blackmail.

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1. What if the seal is broken from the container?
  • It is possible that the container was opened during transport to insert or remove prohibited substances.
  • Capture the situation by taking pictures.
  • Record where the container is coming from and going to; who is the sender and receiver (waybill).
  • Check the container, together with a colleague (four-eye principle) and call the police if prohibited substances are found In case of suspicion or a suspicious situation, do not wait but call 911 immediately. Better once too much than too little.
2. What if there are drugs in the cargo?
  • Your freight arrives and drugs are found in the cargo.
  • Call 911 and explain the situation. Would you like to report anonymously? Then call 0800-7000 Report Crime Anonymously. You report anonymously and also receive no feedback on whether your report is acted upon. If reporting via 112, be sure to include the location and nature of the incident.
  • Do not let anyone near the container and create a safe environment until the police arrive.
  • Properly record the cargo information and turn it over to the police.
  • When police arrive at the scene, the investigation begins. This will include questioning the employees directly involved. This will not be done anonymously. Anonymous reporting can only be done through MMA.
3. What if a stowaway has traveled with the cargo?
  • Upon arrival of transport, one stowaway/multiple stowaways appears to have traveled with them.
  • Catch these people in a separate room.
  • Call 911 and have the police come to the scene. They will contact IND and COA, depending on the situation, regarding the reception of the people and the further handling of the situation.
  • Properly record the truck's traveled route for evaluation and further investigation.
4. What if an employee of the organization is extorted / intimidated?
  • An employee comes to you and tells you that he is being extorted by someone in his area to perform illegal acts.
  • Have a conversation with the employee and explain the different options:
    • The best option is to report it to police. Explain how this works, if it is not clear and, if necessary, guide the employee in the steps to be taken Police can provide various forms of protection.
    • Involve the police in the situation. They can best advise what to do and what next steps to take.
    • The employee may also report to a confidential advisor through VNO NCW or to the internal confidential advisor. This is not the same as reporting. A confidant cannot do anything about the situation, but can give tips to the employee.
  • Establish contact with police to work together on how employee has / can have the safest possible working and living environment.
5. What if you are extorted yourself?
  • You hold a high position in a company and you receive threatening emails/apps/calls asking you to share sensitive company information.
  • This contact often starts out friendly, but can quickly turn if the need is not met
  • Contact the police at 112 and explain the situation. The threatening situation must stop immediately for your own safety and that of your family and friends.
  • Try to figure out why they might have chosen you? Are you recognizable through your corporate clothing or do you share a lot about your work through socials? Take steps to reduce that vulnerability; click here to find out what steps you can take as a business;
6. What to do if an employee does not have access to his/her own passport?
  • If this is the situation, there may be an exploitative situation. This must stop immediately.
  • Check if the employee is hired through a temp agency.
  • Report the situation to the NLA, the Dutch labor inspectorate;
  • The NLA can take up the cause and involve the appropriate parties. Reporting to the NLA is not done anonymously; they will contact you for more information.
  • If the employee is hired directly, try to find out to whom he/she issued his/her passport.

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How to recognize
suspicious situations?

Various forms of undermining practices occur in the floriculture industry. These include labour exploitation, drug crimes, transportation of narcotics, fraud, money laundering and bribery. To recognize these forms of criminal behaviour, there are several things you can look out for as a business owner.

How to avoid
criminal interference?

Prevention is better than cure. That certainly applies to criminal practices! In fact, there is no cure for it, which makes prevention even more important. This prevention starts with recognizing the signs. But what are these signals? Below are some tips on how to recognize them. Don’t hesitate to report signs, no matter how vague they may seem. They are important in tackling undermining practices.

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Report a suspicious situation immediately!

You can report a suspicious situation by calling the following numbers:

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