How do I prevent criminal interference in my business?

Prevention is better than cure. That certainly applies to criminal practices! In fact, there is no cure for it, which makes prevention even more important. Once criminal interference in your enterprise is a fact of life, (in technical jargon: when employees are “flat”), it is almost impossible to undo it.

This prevention starts with recognizing the signs. But what are these signals? Below are some tips on how to recognize them. Don’t hesitate to report signs.

Drug crime, money laundering, extortion; all terms that may seem far from your mind. But these are problems entrepreneurs can face. And this unfortunately happens more often than you think. If you have to deal with it, it can lead to reputational damage, serious problems in your business operations and also unsafe situations for yourself or your employees. Below are some signs you may be able to recognize to prevent crime in your business or in your community.

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1. Many people present at special times?
Do you see unfamiliar people and/or your own staff at odd hours in or around your business? Then engage with them to hear why they are there or may need something.

2. Out of sight!
Do you see companies around you working unobtrusively? Think of permanently closed doors, lack of clarity about what they deal in or who exactly works there. If you don’t trust it, report it.

3. Unlit corners?
Pay close attention to dark areas around your business and also the grounds on which you are located. Dark corners are interesting for operatingillicitly out of sight. Provide good interior and exterior lighting around your own premises.

1. Know your customer!
Unfortunately, we also know of real-life examples where a customer not only wants to transport flowers, but also hides narcotics with them. So always stay alert and watch for abnormalities. For example, were you always allowed to access the cargo and suddenly find you are not? This is suspicious. Or does a customer suddenly want to pay in cash? Under no circumstances so as this could be a signal, so report this.

2. Know your (sub-)tenants!
If you have good contact with your tenants or subtenants, you also have more insight into any discrepancies. So maintain contact, have contracts drawn up and also legally reviewed. Know who you are doing business with.

3. Know your suppliers!
This sounds obvious, but how well do you really know your suppliers? What can they access in your company and what do they know about your employees? If you know your suppliers well, you are better able to spot anomalies or suspicious behaviour.

4. What can I do as an entrepreneur?
Have nothing specific to report, but wonder what you yourself can do to prevent criminal interference? If you would like to consult or discuss this, please contact us. We like to share our knowledge and think together with entrepreneurs about their own situation.

1. Luxury goods?
Do you see employees who suddenly have luxury goods when it doesn’t match their income? Think of items such as a new car, jewelry or cellphones. Engage with them or report it.

2. Do you know the vulnerable areas in your company?
It is good to consider the vulnerable areas in your company. Think of areas related to data, HR, finance or logistics. After all, leaking sensitive data makes money. Transportation and logistics schedules are also of interest to criminals. Consider what you yourself can do to keep data safe. Have a conversation about this with your employees. Or with other business owners to hear how they have arranged this.

3. Financial hardship?
If employees have financial problems, they are vulnerable to criminals. It offers an easy and quick way to make money, but they never get out of it. How well do you know your employees’ situation? Be alert and engage with them.

4. Harassment, you don’t want that!
Harassment is a serious form of threatening behaviour. This is done to get you or your staff to do something against their will. If you do not cooperate, your staff or loved ones could be at risk. This is obviously a very undesirable situation. Are you being intimidated? Report this immediately! Look at the reporting route to get help.

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Report a suspicious situation immediately!

You can report a suspicious situation by calling the following numbers:

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