Why is reporting suspicious situations so important?

Reporting is important to stop undesirable and unsafe situations. This action is important to keep your own company, your employees and environment safe. Reporting is not always easy, especially if you don’t feel safe. This is why reporting non-urgent suspicious situations can be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymously (0800-7000). It can also be done through formal police channels so that the situation can be investigated. See the numbers here.

Where can I report suspicious situations?

1. Reporting suspicious situations
You can report a suspected crime to the police on 0900-8844, or through Report Crime Anonymously0800-7000or via .

2. Urgent or threatening situations
In case of an emergency or threatening situations always call 112!

3. Consultation or sparring partner?
If you have a question or want to discuss a particular situation, you can contact us directly. Send your question and details by email to We will then get back to you.


In case of an emergency, immediately call 112 !

Report Crime Anonymously

Want to report a crime anonymously? You can!
Call 0800-7000.


You can also choose to call the police.
Call the police on 0900-8844.

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