How do I recognize suspicious situations?

Various forms of undermining practices occur in the floriculture industry. These include drug crime, transportation of narcotics, fraud, money laundering, bribery and labour exploitation. To recognize these forms of criminal behaviour, there are several things you can look out for as a business owner.

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  • Do you see people on your property that you don’t know? Why are they there? Keep an eye on them and report it.
  • Are there vans driving in or around your business that you don’t know about? Check what they do and who they come for.
  • Unlit corners are ideal for illicit trafficking; they can stay out of sight. Keep an eye on whether your lighting continues to work properly.
  • Make sure that not just anyone can walk into your premises. How is access regulated? Who can get into which room?
  • Know your customer, make sure you know who you are doing business with. This applies to your suppliers and to your customers. Are they really reliable? Check them carefully.
  • Make sure your temp agency has accommodation, working hours and sickness arrangements in place. This seems obvious, but unfortunately that is not always the case.
  • Does a business partner want to settle large amounts of contact? This may indicate money laundering or drug money. Please report this above all.
  • Do you work with employment agencies? Check that the hired workers have their own documents such as a passport. These must always be available.
  • Does an employee want to be present during transport loading when it doesn’t make sense? Engage in conversation and ask the reason for this. It may indicate transportation of narcotics.
  • Does an employee have a lot of contact with unfamiliar people in the workplace? Pay attention and engage in conversation. This may indicate unwanted or criminal contacts.
  • If you work with migrant workers, check how they are housed. Poor housing may indicate labor exploitation.
  • Try talking to your hired people about working hours, sick pay, etc. Use a translation app or an interpreter phone/service if necessary.

Keep paying attention, even as a citizen!

Read our tips on this website. You can also use these tips as a citizen. When you are walking your dog or jogging, walking or riding your bike, look around you. Report any situation that is suspicious or strange to you.

Photo: NOS – Police

How does criminal interference affect your business?

The consequences for your company and its employees can be severe if you face crime within your company. You can read the examples below that have previously appeared in the press.

Want to know how to prevent criminal interference in your business? Contact us.

Report a suspicious situation immediately!

You can report a suspicious situation by calling the following numbers:

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