Checks against criminal interference in ornamental horticulture sector

Controles in de sierteeltsector

Checks against criminal interference in ornamental horticulture sector Together we keep the floriculture industry strong and safe! This includes inspections, which our government partners such as police, customs, Platform Veilig Ondernemen and Het Twickelerveld B.V. organize together with Royal FloraHolland. During the inspection days in June, 117 vehicles, mostly trucks, were subjected to an integral […]

Podcast on undermining in horticulture sector

Ondermijning in sierteelttransport

Podcast on undermining in the ornamental horticulture sector What can you learn from a transporter who was framed and caught at the border with a large load of coke in his truck? And how does a criminal view your company and your employees? “… Then you get locked up right away, then you get detained,” […]

Bouke Arends in FD on undermining crime

Bouke Arends in FD over ondermijnende criminaliteit in sierteeltsector

Bouke Arends in FD on undermining crime Bouke Arends: “Be alert and realistic. Don’t think, it’s not going to happen to me.” The mayor of Westland Municipality and Bas van Delden, program manager Weerbare Sierteeltsector tell today in the special Food&Agri of Het Financieele Dagblad what they see in terms of undermining crime in the […]

Podcast full of tips for countering undermining

De recruitment centra van de georganiseerde misdaad zijn de beste die er zijn

Podcast aboutcountering undermining Today, the Weerbare Sierteeltsector approach launches a new podcast series aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs. From stories of experience, entrepreneurs gain insight into how criminals think and work and what they themselves can already do in their own businesses. One of the main goals of the Weerbare Sierteeltsector approach is to empower […]

Cooperation in the Weerbare Sierteeltsector approach

Vrachtwagen controle Weerbare Sierteeltsector

Cooperation in the Weerbare Sierteeltsector “Often I hear that business owners go into business with acquaintances and then there is no longer critical scrutiny. Within the floriculture industry, this happens a lot because there is an us-knows-us culture and a lot happens based on trust. A criminal can conveniently take advantage of that.” In BPnieuws, […]

Meeting Undermining Uncovered on June 4

Bijeenkomst Ondermijning ontmaskerd op 4 juni 2024

Meeting Undermining Uncoveredon Tuesday, June 4, 2024 On Tuesday, June 4, together with MKB Westland, Gemeente Westland and PVO Den Haag, we are organizing a meeting on undermining at the WHC in Naaldwijk, start: 4 p.m. Both Mayor Bouke Arends, the police and an ex-con share their experience with undermining and provide insight into what […]

Weerbare Sierteeltsector on the radio

Weerbare Sierteeltsector te gast bij

Weerbare Sierteeltsector on the radio On Thursday, May 23, we were a guest on KAS Live on Hortibizz radio. A radio program with more 10,000 listeners in the horticulture industry. Bas van Delden, our program manager, explained in the interview with Jacco Strating what our approach does for entrepreneurs. And shared tips you can look […]

CEO FloraHolland on cooperation Weerbare Sierteeltsector

Artikel Weerbare Sierteeltsector in Ledenkrant Royal FloraHolland

FloraHolland on cooperation Weerbare Sierteeltsector One of our partners from the very beginning is Royal FloraHolland. The flower auction has been cooperating in our approach from the beginning in order to create a safe working environment for employees, buyers, growers and visitors. The approach also involves collaboration with municipalities, police, Transport Logistics Netherlands and the […]

Transportation is vulnerable, criminals take advantage of it

Criminele inmenging Weerbare Sierteeltsector

Criminal interference Weerbare Sierteeltsector Criminals use legitimate businesses and their services for illegal activities. Consider transportation of narcotics, bribery or labor exploitation. This form of serious, organized crime disrupts society and undermines the rule of law. Undermining occurs everywhere, including within the transportation industry and fresh logistics such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Criminals offer […]

Rachel falls within Weerbare Sierteeltsector

Rachel valt binnen Weerbare Sierteeltsector

Rachel falls within Weerbare Sierteeltsector When we were asked to collaborate on the ZAPP program “Rachel falls in,” of course we said yes. Because as the Weerbare Sierteeltsector, we focus on making companies resilient, including by sharing knowledge, increasing willingness to report, and helping to erect barriers. On Sunday, April 14, Rachel showed on the […]

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