Podcast about
countering undermining

Today, the Weerbare Sierteeltsector approach launches a new podcast series aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs. From stories of experience, entrepreneurs gain insight into how criminals think and work and what they themselves can already do in their own businesses.

One of the main goals of the Weerbare Sierteeltsector approach is to empower entrepreneurs in the sector. So make sure they know where they are at risk of being abused by criminals for illegal practices. The approach and its partners do this in part by sharing knowledge and insights. So now also via a three-part podcast series.

“A podcast is an approachable way to share stories, real-life stories. You decide when you listen. This is a good way to reach entrepreneurs, but also drivers and Hr managers,” says Bas van Delden, program manager Weerbare Sierteeltsector.

In the first podcast, a security expert is on hand to share lessons from the well-known case `De Groot in Hedel`. What happens in fruits and vegetables can just happen in ornamental crops as well. Together with two police officers, tips and points of interest are shared.

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