Labor exploitation, an undesirable situation

Labor exploitation, an undesirable situation for an entrepreneur, but certainly for the workers themselves. The floriculture industry has labor-intensive processes and often works with migrant workers. As a worker in a country where you do not know the language and “the normal,” you are vulnerable. What are your rights and obligations? Do you understand the legislation well? Who takes care of everything for you?

Joining forces To make vulnerabilities transparent

Without even realizing it, you can become a victim of bad employment practices, serious harm or even labor exploitation. Often the employment process is neatly arranged, but unfortunately not always.

From the Resilient Ornamental Horticulture approach, we are combining the forces of private and public parties to understand and address these vulnerabilities. Think about providing entrepreneurs in the industry with knowledge of what to look out for and what your obligations are. But we are also going to focus on the workers and provide them with good information themselves.

Concrete steps were taken on June 26 in an active session together with ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen), Recovery Agency HVO-Querido, Municipality of Aalsmeer, Municipality of Uithoorn, Royal FloraHolland, SNCU, Greenport Aalsmeer, Dutch Labor Inspectorate, SHOP The Hague, RIEC The Hague and RIEC Amsterdam-Amstelland. We inspired each other with ongoing initiatives and took a step toward joining forces in concrete action. With this collaboration, we can make a lot of impact and contribute to a resilient floriculture industry where it is pleasant to work.

Report a suspicious situation immediately!

You can report a suspicious situation by calling the following numbers:

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