The transportation sector is vulnerable to criminal interference.

A number of things are crucial for criminal operations, and one of them is transportation. Transportation is needed to enter and exit the Netherlands with, for example, weapons, narcotics or materials for their production. Studies show that our country’s transportation sector is vulnerable to criminal interference.

  1. Know your employees and do a check before you hire them.
  2. Watch for abnormal behaviour in your employees; like nervousness, asking a lot of questions, wanting to know about schedules, etc.
  3. Watch for drivers who suddenly have expensive watches, jewelry or other luxury items.
  4. Have a clear internal reporting process (anonymous/not anonymous) to give your employees the space to report their insecurities.
  5. Check your vehicles regularly for anomalies such as double bottoms.
  6. Don’t disclose schedules and driving times lightly.
  7. Recognize signs of abnormal use of your vehicles.
  8. Talk about your suspicions. See here for reporting suspicions.
  9. You don’t have to do it alone. Look here for relevant training and educational courses. Become resilient against criminal interference!

Report a suspicious situation immediately!

You can report a suspicious situation by calling the following numbers:

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